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Woodworking Classes

Woodworking classes are now available. Click on the button below to set up a time to work on a project or to learn more about the craft of woodworking.


If you are planning a party or a simple gathering of friends or family, make sure you have some really great food options, including a charcuterie board! 

This workshop will have you crafting your own charcuterie board using basic woodworking skills you'll learn and how to maintain your board so it can be used for several years to come.

Your workshop instructor is Craig Erickson. He has been making charcuterie boards, cutting boards, and serving trays for several years and is excited to help you craft your own board. This will be a fun and informative workshop that will help you learn how to use a few power tools such as a jig saw, palm sander, spindle sander, and drill.

If you have questions, please call or text Craig at 707-230-9142.

Charcuterie Board Workshop


The Wood

Your board will be made out of a selection of Maple, Cherry, and Mahogany. The design will be simple, yet the color and grain of the wood will really pop and be a topic of conversation.


The Process

You'll have the option of designing the shape of your board, or if you'd like to keep a more standard shape, that's fine too. Designing, shaping, and light sanding will bring your board to life.


The Board

No board will be the same as another, and that's the beauty of this workshop. Once you have your board nearly done, we'll help you complete your board with a food grade finish and show you how to maintain your board so it will can be used for several years to come.

Upcoming Events

  • Charcuterie Board Workshop
    Sat, Apr 01
    North Bay Creations at Barn 5400
    This is a hands on woodworking workshop. We'll be making a charcuterie board during this workshop. These boards are great gift ideas or use them for your own party. We'll have all the supplies needed. All you need is to come and have a fun afternoon hand crafting your own charcuterie board.
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