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Timeless Furniture

I recently took on a new project. I am restoring an old mission style chair from the Grand Rapids Bookcase and Chair Co. that dates back to the late 1920's or early 1930's. This style of furniture has always had a deep, soft spot in my heart. I love the large arm rests and and the curved back slats. The solid oak with mortise and tenon joints is a timeless way of joining wood. This chair is as sturdy as the day it was made. Unfortunately, time has not been kind to the finish, so I'll strip it down, refinish it and reupholster the seat. I love the character of these old classic pieces and I'll be making a recreation of this chair once I bring this one back to it's former glory with a new coat of stain and a smooth finish. Contact me if you'd be interested in having a beautiful chair like this for your living room or man cave.

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